Food/Pharmaceutical Processing

The food and Pharmaceutical industry are now changing the mixing system from Conventional Rotary Dynamic Agitators to Static Inline Motionless Mixers to blend the various ingredients used for formulation as well as to blend colors and fruit flavors in food Industry for the Jams , Fruit Juices , Syrups , Yogurt, Tomato Paste / Ketchup , Distilleries, Soft Drinks etc.
For some unknown reasons , some colors and/or ingredients were more difficult to mix than others and as various combinations of flavors and colors are being manufactured and packed simultaneously , very high product wastage was observed along with longer equipment downtime for Rotary Agitators.

Mixrite Static Mixers in Stainless Steel Construction are designed specifically for the above application. The lower shear mixing characteristic is also recommended in some cases to avoid degradation and break up of fruit particles.
Laminar flow mixing takes place by flow division and radial mixing , rapidly eliminating radial differences in concentrations.
The internal elements are specially designed and selected to minimize material hang up. In certain cases , where the products are sensitive to the temperature Jacketed Static Mixers are provided.
As long as the ingredients to be mixed and dosed in the correct proportion, Mixrite Mixer can be designed to achieve 99% homogeneity at the exit, thereby facilitating manufacturer to directly take the mixed product to the filling station in some cases. The closed and narrow chamber of the Mixer eliminates vaporization as there is no free board/ void space in the mixer.

• Simple And Compact In Construction.
• Low Capital And Operating Cost As Compared To Conventional Mixing Solutions.
• No Moving Parts And Hence Maintenance Free.
• High Energy Efficiency.
• Designed To Have Practically No Dead Spots In The Tank.
• High Degree Of Operational Safety.
• High Degree Of Mixing Per Unit Of Expended Energy.
• Consistent Output In Terms Of Viscosity Index.
• Reduced Mixing Time.

Static Mixers used for the above application given homogeneity to the level of 99%+ and thereby improving the productivity. The Customer also benefits as a result of the Mixrite Mixer operating without any moving parts , without spare parts and with virtually no maintenance requirements.