Hybrid Mixing Systems

It is a combination of series/parallel configuration's of:

mechanical agitator configuration


mechanical jet mixer configuration

Jet Mixer

mechanical static-inline-mixer configuration

Static Mixer

The concept of Hybrid mixing enhances the mixing performance and also makes the overall blending operation energy efficient and cost effective.

While there are specialized/proprietary mixing equipment available today, they are highly cost/capital intensive. In certain processes, these specialized mixers can be substituted with Hybrid Mixing Systems as a viable alternative.


  • Cost effective mixing solution.
  • Excellent performance at low price
  • Low operating cost
  • Operational Flexibility
  • The synergy often compensates and surpasses the handicaps of individual mixers.

Our specialists and engineering team can often provide you with innovative and tailor made hybrid mixing solutions to handle your complex mixing problems.

Mixrite offers design and consultancy service on a proprietary or special contract basis. For further details, kindly contact us for reviewing your specific mixing problem.