Lube Blending

The success of Lube Plant largely depends on the Agitation System implemented for blending of Base Oil and Additive. In view of stiff competition majority of plants are looking at reducing both Capex and Opex. To achieve this and also reduce the maintenance issues, Lube Plants are now looking at sophisticated /reliable and economical mixing solutions as alternative to the Conventional Rotary Dynamic Agitators or Air Mixing.

Mixrite Static Mixers are designed specifically for the above application. These Mixers can be designed to handle fluids of varying viscosities and transport properties. The Jet Mixers are also often used in combination with Static Mixers for carrying out the blending operation.
Laminar flow mixing takes place by flow division and radial mixing , rapidly eliminating radial differences in concentrations between Oil and additives. The internal elements are specially designed and selected to minimize material hang up. In certain cases , where the products are sensitive to the temperature Jacketed Static Mixers are provided.
As long as the ingredients to be mixed and dosed in the correct proportion, Mixrite Mixer can be designed to achieve 99% homogeneity at the exit, thereby facilitating manufacturer to directly take the mixed product to the filling station in some cases. Jet Mixers are used inside blending tanks to achieve uniform concentration gradient and viscosity Index. All in all , Jet Mixer and /or Static Mixer are becoming popular in achieving all the above objectives. This Hybrid System configuration is already in operation successfully.

• Simple And Compact In Construction.
• Low Capital And Operating Cost As Compared To Conventional Agitators.
• No Moving Parts And Hence Maintenance Free.
• Easy To Install.
• High Energy Efficiency.
• Designed To Have Practically No Dead Spots In The Tank.
• High Degree Of Operational Safety.
• High Degree Of Mixing Per Unit Of Expended Energy.
• Consistent Output In Terms Of Viscosity Index.
• Reduced Mixing Time.

Static Mixers and/or Jet Mixers used for the above application offers homogeneity level of 99%+ and thereby improving the productivity. The overall batch time is reduced and consistency in viscosity index is achieved. Moreover as there are no moving parts in these mixers as a result all the issues related to maintenance and down time gets practically eliminated.