Rotary Dynamic

Conventional fluid mixing aka
Direct Drive Portable Agitator


It comprises four critical components

1. Electric Motor

2. C-Clamp

3. Coupling

4. Shaft with Propellor


  • A propeller agitator is a mixer with a rotating hub and radiating blades that are set at a pitch to form a helical spiral, that, when rotated, exerts linear thrust upon a working fluid, such as water or any fluids it is immersed in.
  • They consist of three blades that move in a screw like motion, propelling the material to be agitated parallel to the shaft.
  • A propeller agitator is shaped with blades tapering towards the shaft to minimize centrifugal force and produce maximum axial flow.
  • Through advances in Agitator blade geometry and optimum speed selection, we at Mixrite, strive towards getting maximum flow at minimum power consumption.
  • Mixrite Portable high speed stirrers are available in 316 SS material of construction and are ideally suited for tanks of relatively small volume capacity [upto about 5m3].
  • Mixrite Agitators offer optimum value returns for Mixing with respect to Input/Exxpanded Energy.
Rotary dynamic agitator working
Rotary dynamic agitator working

Configuration & Flow Pattern:

Mixrite Propeller Agitators are either mounted at centre of the tank or close to the tank walls. These units can be mounted with vertical shaft or inclined shaft orientation.
The swivel arrange in the Base Plate C-Clamp makes it possible to adjust shaft inclination which offers good mixing efficiency with minimal vortexing phenomena. Tanks installed with inclined Agitator do not need baffles.

icon depecting Rotary Dynamic agitator being mounted at the center of the tank in configuration
icon depecting Rotary dynamic agitator being mounted in close to wall configuration
icon depecting Inline rotary agitator being mounted in inclined configuration

Flow Patterns Achieveable:

  • Axial Flow
icon depecting Axial flow configuration
  • Radial Flow
icon depecting Radial flow configuration


Mixrite direct drive portable agitator is capable of running smmothly in air while the liquid level drops below the propellor elevation.
Our agitator shaft is suitably and adequately designed to handel the above operating condition withouth causing any damage to the shaft.

Data Sheet:

Portable Agitator Selection Chart

Tank volume m3

MMS Model


















The above selection chart is for liquids like water. For liquids with different specific gravity and viscosity, contact MMS
Download Rotary Agitator Data Sheet


Mixrite Fluid Mixing Agitators are designed for optimum performance in a wide variety of chemical processes.

High Speed Propeller Agitators are used for all the applications where the liquids to be mixed have low viscosity and powerful top tp bottom turnover [ High Degree of Agitattion ] is required.

Special requirements in blending, dissolving, heat transfer temperature uniformity, gas dispersion, impeller configuration for high viscosity, prevention of stratification, flow pattern effectiveness, emulsification to suit wide variety of tank geometry are expertly assessed and met with Mixrite Agitators.

Some typical applications of Jet Mixers are:

  • Effluent Dozing Tanks
  • Alum Dozing Tanks,
  • Neutralization Tank,
  • flocculation, aeration,
  • flash mixing and
  • General blending purposes.
  • Effluent Dozing Tanks

Besides sophisticated state of the art manufacturing facility Mixrite provides wide ranging research, design, development and consultancy services in the area of fluid agitation and mixing technology. Design and consultancy services are also available on a proprietary or special contract basis.

For further details, kindly contact us for reviewing your specific mixing problem.