Water temperature elevation by injecting steam using a injector in tandem with an inline mixer


It comprises two critical components namely:

1. Steam 
Injecton Port

2. Mixer

Working Principle:

Steam Water Heaters produce hot water by direct injection of the steam into water applying two phase flow engineering concepts so that water hammering and other such issues do not arise. This requires skillful designing of the injection tee.

image depecting workings of an steam water injector
image depecting workings of an steam water injector

Orientation & Configurations:

Based on the application , the temperature rise in steam water heater is either achieved in single pass or miltipass close loop system.

Horizontal installation of the Mixer with steam line coming from top to bottom is most preferred. In case of vertical installation , the flow of water is recommended to be from top to bottom.

icon depecting steam water injector horizontal orientation
icon depecting steam water injector vertical orientation


The Steam Water Heater Injection System and the Mixing elements are designed to ensure precise temperature control. These Steam Water Heaters rapidly disperses the two phase to form bubbles or droplets while its radial mixing properties provide uniform shear characteristics thereby producing a very narrow bubble or droplet size distribution.


Mixrite Steam Water Heaters [SWH] have been specially designed to produce Hot Water using steam. Hot water is required in almost all the process plants for Food Pharmaceutical and Chemical Process Industry. The problem under consideration is to raise the temperature of the incoming water by direct injection of steam. Mixrite Steam Water Heaters are specially designed for this application to achieve smooth condensation to eliminate/avoid water hammering, vibrations and noise which is commonly observed in the conventional systems.

Some typical applications of the Steam water injectors are:

  • Process Hot water Generation,
  • Condensate Temperature elevation,
  • Hot water for Cleaning

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